Popular Pinot Noirs from Bread & Butter, Flowers, Josh Cellars, and Halleck Vineyard

Popular Pinot Noir: Bread and Butter vs. Flowers vs. Josh Cellars (Wine Review)

Bread and Butter Pinot Noir is the seventh-highest-ranking brand on Google. Search Pinot Noir and see for yourself. That means Google thinks Bread and Butter is the seventh most popular Pinot Noir in the US. Flowers ranks eighth, and Josh Cellars ranks ninth. In this post, we review these popular Pinot Noir brands and compare…
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Popular Pinot Noirs: Mark West vs Eloan vs Erath

Popular Pinot Noir: Mark West vs Elouan vs Erath (Wine Review)

Of all popular Pinot Noir brands in the US, Mark West ranks fourth on Google. If you search “Pinot Noir” you’re going to get the top commercial wine brands. This means that Google thinks Mark West Pinot Noir is the fourth best Pinot Noir brand in the US. But are they correct? In our last…
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