Choose from All Pinot Noir or a mix of Pinot Noir and Whites


Halleck Vineyard sends selections of our artisan wines twice per year, in Spring and Fall.

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Halleck Vineyard sends selections of our artisan red and white wines twice per year, in Spring and Fall.

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Customized for your taste

We ship wine twice a year. By joining our Inner Circle, we will alert you in the Spring or Fall of your allocation of our wines. Accepting your allocation will afford all the benefits of Inner Circle membership (see below). You have complete choice of the wines delivered.

1. You can personalize your shipment

Select the specific wines you desire in every shipment but you always have an allocation.

2.Receive Our Estate Grown Pinot Noir is limited; you always have an allocation
3. Receive Free shipping
  1. Free ground shipping on any order of 6 bottles or more
  2. 2nd day air shipments will receive a 50% discount.
4. Complimentary Wine Tastings at Halleck Vineyard
  1. You and a guest are always our guests
  2. Book a personal barrel tasting at the winery
5. Stay at Halleck Vineyard overlooking the vineyard
  1. Enjoy a night at Halleck Vineyard as our guest
  2. During travel seasons, two night minimum on weekends at preferred rate
6. Halleck Vineyard will come to you
  1. Host a dinner party at home, favorite restaurant or club with up to 10 guests
  2. We will co-host and provide the wines; you provide the food
  3. Host a tasting, and we’ll provide the pairings
7. Halleck Vineyard Events
  1. Parties at Halleck Vineyard; enjoy preferential pricing
  2. Dinners in NYC, Chicago, and across the country; exclusive invitations
  3. Special engagements and concerts; VIP seating and access
8. Travel Club
  1. Past trips have included Cuba, Italy, Honduras, Kenya, South Africa, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, Sun Valley, Virgin Islands, the Caribbean
  2. Enjoy our wines, amazing food, great company, and lifechanging experiences
  3. Hiking, diving, kayaking, cruising, sailing and, of course, dining
9. Philanthropy
  1. We support your most cherished causes
  2. We’ll work together to create an auction lot to benefit your favorite charity
  3. You’ll be invited to the annual Gala of the Find Your Light Foundation with Josh Groban