With the world sequestered, it’s critical to stay connected. Join us!

We know it. These are unprecedented times; we’ll be telling our grand children. Stories of our era are taking place now. We’re required to adapt; there’s no choice.

It’s our obligation to reside in hope and optimism; the alternative isn’t appealing, though a constant pull. Broadcast media is not helping.

To stay connected, we’re reaching out to you Every Other Thursday at 5:00 for our Halleck Vineyard Social. We share wine, live music, and conversation. It’s free and books-up a week in advance. Join us by registering here . Our amazing musical talent today was Elaine Ryan. We’re excited to see you.

We have more in the works. “Meet The Maker” will begin next month, on the First Friday at Five of each month. More later in this email. We begin our Virtual Tasting Salons this Saturday and have guests for weeks.

Ross is showing up in podcasts this month, including Susan Montanaro’s “Dreams and Detours.” It’s worth a listen. Last week we were featured in Forbes and Walnut Creek Magazine.

On Monday, April 20, at 5:00see Ross with magician/coach Heather Rogers. Hosts  Juliet Clark and Tracy Hazzard will be chatting with them regarding marketing in their “Peace & Pivot Mixer”, how to adapt when our lives are all changing. Register here. It’s free.

Our Dinner at Del Friscos before seeing Josh Groban at Radio City Music Hall has been rescheduled to October 5, circumstances allowing. Read more below. Email here for reservations!