Authentic, Unpretentious & Intimate

Wine Tasting Sonoma County

in Sebastopol, California
Guests tasting wine at Sebastopol estate winery

$65 per person

Limited to 16 guests per tasting

Award winning Sonoma Valley Wines from Halleck Vineyard

Try 8 Wines with Local Delicacies

Our Sonoma wine tasting experience includes:

  • 3 best-in-class, double gold white wines
  • 1 award winning rosé wine
  • 4 best-in-class, double gold Pinot Noirs
  • Local cheeses, infused chocolate, dried apricots and delicacies
  • Full menu here

Judged Best Pinot Noir in America again and again, our small production wines continue to draw accolades for their expression and quality. Live the dream with us at our Sebastopol winery.


Halleck Vineyard Sonoma Wine Tasting Menu

Off the beat and path, judged Best Pinot Noir in Sonoma County

  • 15 minutes from the Barlow
  • 20 minutes from Bodega Bay
  • Nestled in foggy Sebastopol
  • Overlooking the Russian River Valley
  • On the majestic Sonoma Coast
  • Tour Sebastopol's oldest accessible Pinot Noir Vineyard
  • One the best Sebastopol wineries
Award Winning Sonoma Wines from Halleck Vineyard
Top Scores for Halleck Vineyard



As we move through the wines from our neighborhood, we’ll invite you to examine the nuances in the aroma and flavor of each. We’ll also explore the benefit of pairing food to lift and enhance your experience - and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Flavor is an amazing thing. It can evoke emotions and memories - and we’ll help to create new memories on this exclusive wine tasting journey.

Award winning Sonoma Valley Wines from Halleck Vineyard

Sebastopol Winery Map


at 11am and 3pm

+1 (707) 738-8383

3785 Burnside Rd

Sebastopol, CA 95472


Sebastopol Wine Tasting Menu

By Appointment Only



Your wine tasting with Halleck does not take place in a traditional Sebastopol tasting room. This is our home, and inviting you in is a gesture of intimacy. This family-owned and friendly setting is what makes our wine tasting in Sonoma County so special.

Award winning Sonoma Valley Wines from Halleck Vineyard



The 1 acre estate vineyard that surrounds our house was the first in the Sebastopol region, and as pioneers in the area, we feel particularly qualified to share what makes our Sonoma wine tastings so special.

You'll learn about the magic of this wine growing region, from the famed morning fog that blankets our hills, to the soil content from the Sonoma Coast to the Russian River Valley that lends such diversity and character to our wine tastings.



Our mission is Building Community Through Wine, employing these extraordinary fruits of the earth. So be prepared to discover, explore, and form meaningful connections with others through this very personal 90 minute Sebastopol wine tasting experience.

We believe in shared experiences, and in making the world a better place. We’ve raised over three quarters of a million dollars for the charities supported by our wine club members. Being able to make that difference is what gets us up in the morning.

Wine tasting is an inner journey, and we hope to guide you and join you on that journey – so you can determine for yourself which wines breathe magic into your glass and even your soul.

Award winning Sonoma Valley Wines from Halleck Vineyard

Sebastopol's First Pinot Vineyard

jennifer halleck seriving sonoma coast pinot noir
Award Winning Sonoma Wines from Halleck Vineyard


Jennifer Halleck Presenting Clone 828 Pinot Noir at Sebastopol Wine Tasting

We want your wine tasting in Sonoma County to be a comfortable one. If you're looking for where to stay in Sonoma for wine tasting, ask about our soon to be opened, newly remodeled private suite.

Above all, come to Halleck Vineyard with curiosity and interest in Sonoma Wineries – and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Award winning Sonoma Valley Wines from Halleck Vineyard



The coastal breeze and morning fog often give way to hot sunny afternoons in Sonoma County, which means you need to be prepared for any weather. That’s why we recommend you dress in layers on the day you join us – and bring sunscreen just in case.

When choosing your outfit, it’s often best to opt for darker colors or patterns that can help hide wine spills should they occur. It’s also best to wear comfortable shoes for your tour of our Sebastopol vineyard.



Since smell is a huge part of the wine tasting experience, you don’t want any scents competing for your attention. So please skip the perfume or cologne. Lipstick or flavored lip balms can also interfere. You may also wish to avoid coffee, breath mints and smoking right before your tasting, as these can mask flavors as well.



Our African Basenji Franki is a nonshedding, hypoallergenic dog who enjoys hosting other pups on our estate, which is 100% fenced to prevent deer from eating our grapes. So if your dog is socialized, wants to run free and play with other dogs, this Sonoma wine tasting experience is going to be a lot of fun for you and your best friend. Our dog Franki is friendly, but also very independent. He does not beg or demand affection. Halleck Vineyard is a dog-friendly estate, and we tend to resonate with dog lovers. We even have a Halleck Vineyard Dog Club. So if you can’t bring your dog, bring a picture.

Upcoming Wine Tasting Events

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September 9, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Book your Halleck Vineyard wine tasting today

To provide the best experience possible for you, our Estate Wine Tasting in Sonoma County is offered by appointment only. Your VIP experience costs $65 per person, and is limited to groups of 2-6 people. If you have a larger group, please call us. We will try to accommodate you.

We offer our tastings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am and 3pm. We request that you book at least 24 hours in advance, but for last minute or midweek bookings, you can contact Ross Halleck directly at 7O7-829-8l7O.

Our tastings are limited to 3 groups per time-slot to ensure an intimate and personalized experience for you.

Other activities near your wine tasting in Sonoma County

While you’re Googling “vineyard wine tasting near me in Sonoma,” don’t forget to check out some of the other incredible experiences in our neighborhood!

  • Tour the recycled trash art on Florence Avenue
  • Explore The Barlow - a 220,000 square foot culinary and arts center
  • Admire the Laguna de Santa Rosa wetlands
  • Hike Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
  • Time your visit with the Sebastopol Gravenstein Apple Fair

Can’t visit us this time?

Virtual Tasting Salon

Connect with us online!

Experience the best virtual wine tasting in Sonoma County - from the comfort of your own home! A virtual wine tasting with Halleck Vineyard is educational, interactive, and incredibly entertaining.

Invite our vintner, Ross Halleck, for an online wine tasting at your convenience through Zoom.

What you’ll receive

When you sign up, we’ll send a virtual wine tasting kit straight to your doorstep. This includes 3 bottles of wine, a Halleck Vineyard wine opener, an aroma wheel, a tasting menu, a wine tasting place mat and a map of Sonoma County.

You can even add food pairings and a Coravin to your package - and all that goodness is just a click away.