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Experience the beauty of sustainable viticulture, where environmental regulation meets grape-growing innovation. Our winegrowers utilize biodynamic practices, and our vineyards are USDA certified. From the red wines of California to the biodynamic wines of Austria, our commitment to sustainability is evident in every glass. By reducing food waste and practicing sustainable farming, we are leading the way towards a more sustainable future. #sustainability #iso14001 #winegrowing #environmentalregulation #biodynamicwines #usda #grapes #californiawines #austrianwines #olivetrees #foodwaste #winegrower

Sustainable Wineries: The Future of Wine Production

By Scott Butterfield / March 14, 2023 / Comments Off on Sustainable Wineries: The Future of Wine Production

The wine industry has long been at the forefront of sustainable farming. Long before organic became a buzzword, eco-friendly California winemakers in highly respected regions like Sonoma County became ambassadors for climate protection through stakeholder engagement. The rise of the sustainable winery, carbon accounting, and climate-neutral viticulture are their responses to the decades of depletion and contamination that pesticides and commercial fertilizers have caused. 

Table of Contents

Sustainable Wineries
Sustainable Viticulture
What is Sustainable Wine? 

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natural wine grapes

Pour Decisions: Favorite Sonoma Biodynamic, Organic or Natural Wines

By Scott Butterfield / February 20, 2023 / Comments Off on Pour Decisions: Favorite Sonoma Biodynamic, Organic or Natural Wines

Natural wine and organic wines are rising in popularity.

Despite the wide-ranging and heated discussions around natural and organic wine, ultimately, the difference, here in the US, is quite simple.

Organic wine is certified by the FDA. Natural wine is not. 

This is just fine for many passionate, anti-authoritarian, and raucous natural wine community members who suspect the futility of effective government regulation. The initial cost of organic certification (around $6,000), the price of annual inspections required to maintain certification,…

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Best Time to Visit Wine Country

By Eric Schwartzman / August 15, 2022 / Comments Off on Best Time to Visit Wine Country

“The odds are against every farmer. All the time,” says Samantha Dorsey, president of McEvoy Ranch on the Point Reyes Petaluma Highway. And finding a way to overcome those odds in the age of climate change and create a top-tier, artisanal product has become increasingly challenging. 

Over the last three years, two of the top ten costliest fires in the US – The Glass Fire and CZU Lightning Complex Fire were in Northern California,…

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Catapult Vineyards at sunrise in the Petaluma Gap AVA

Impact of Climate Change on the Petaluma Gap AVA

By Eric Schwartzman / July 20, 2022 / Comments Off on Impact of Climate Change on the Petaluma Gap AVA

Petaluma Gap AVA wines are said to have a bit more balance and refinement because the wind hardens and thickens the grape skins producing more tannins, which render the feeling of texture in your mouth. The microclimate produces wine with a combination of freshness, refinement and elegance with more intensity from the tannins. 

But like the rest of the Bay Area, the Petaluma Gap climate is changing. At the Golden Gate Bridge, sea level rose 9 inches between 1854 and 2016 as a result of melting land ice and the thermal expansion of ocean water.…

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