Elizabeth Kate

Elizabeth Kate

Elizabeth Kate is a prolific writer specializing in wine & spirits. A French Wine Scholar (FWS) and Italian Wine Specialist (IWS), Elizabeth holds the coveted WSET Diploma (D WSET) and was the first graduate of the prestigious Los Angeles WSET program. Elizabeth was the In-House Wine Consultant to KSFO Radio’s ‘Edible Escapes’ in San Francisco and relishes bringing the joys of wine and spirits down to earth for the non-specialist in her podcast on TheTalkPod.com. She has authored the monthly column, ‘Spirited Encounters’ in ‘The Studio City-Sherman Oaks-Encino News’ in LA’s San Fernando Valley for 10 years. Elizabeth firmly believes that the existence of Champagne is proof that God loves us.

Romantic Wineries in Sonoma for Lovers

By Elizabeth Kate

Thanks to the ample rains from the heavens, Sonoma Valley vineyards are teeming with life. What could be better than a romantic wine tasting getaway in Sonoma? It’s time to get creative with your amorous planning.

But with a wealth of wonderful Sonoma wineries and hillside screaming out with abundant greenery, it may be challenging to pick and choose the most romantic wine tasting rooms.

Not to worry!

No need to blindly search for a ‘romantic winery near me’…

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