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Hahn vs Prophecy vs Castle Rock Pinot Noir (Wine Review)


Once again, we’ve chosen to review four Pinot Noir wines here that are of interest to wine connoisseurs. As in previous reviews, we used Google to seek out popular Pinot Noirs to compare with a Pinot from Halleck Vineyard. Along with other results, Google returned these Pinots from the first three vineyards. And we added…

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How to Pick a Wine Tasting Room for your Sonoma Wine Tasting Weekend

Planning a Sonoma wine tasting weekend? Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a girls’/guys’ weekend, or a family trip, we’ll narrow down the best wine tasting rooms that fit your preferences.  When traveling to wine country, you want to get the most out of your experience. And, with over 600 vineyards to choose from, planning wine…

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Sonoma vs Napa Wine Tasting: Which is Better?

Sonoma vs Napa wine tasting

Sonoma vs Napa wine tasting: which one should you choose? Chances are you have limited time for wine tasting and want to choose where you go wisely. It’s the question everyone wants answered for their wine country weekend trip. Each of these renowned wine regions has premium wine offerings, so the answer to this question…

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Popular Pinot Noir: Bread and Butter vs. Flowers vs. Josh Cellars (Wine Review)

Popular Pinot Noirs from Bread & Butter, Flowers, Josh Cellars, and Halleck Vineyard

Bread and Butter is the seventh most popular Pinot Noir brand on Google. Search Pinot Noir and see for yourself. That means Google thinks Bread and Butter is the seventh most popular Pinot Noir in the US. Flowers ranks eighth, and Josh Cellars ranks ninth. In this post, we review these popular Pinot Noir brands…

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Popular Pinot Noir: Mark West vs Elouan vs Erath (Wine Review)

Popular Pinot Noirs: Mark West vs Eloan vs Erath

Of all popular Pinot Noir brands in the US, Mark West ranks fourth on Google. If you search “Pinot Noir” you’re going to get the top commercial wine brands. This means that Google thinks Mark West Pinot Noir is the fourth best Pinot Noir brand in the US. But are they correct? In our last…

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15 Beautiful Wineries for Sonoma Wine Tasting

You’re planning your trip to premium wine country and probably wondering “where is the best vineyard wine tasting near me in Sonoma?” Well, look no further. We’ve rounded up our favorite intimate wineries for Sonoma wine tasting that won’t leave you wanting.  And, if you’re far away and dreaming of your Sonoma wine tasting tour,…

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10 Steps for Building a Home Wine Cellar

Some wines are better with age. But if you want to get the most out of your bottle, it’s important to have a proper way to store it. Simply putting your expensive wine bottle up on a shelf is a surefire way to ruin it before your first sip. What you need is a home…

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How to Taste Wine: 11 Tips for Your First Visit

If you’re planning your first wine tasting, or your first trip to Sonoma, you’re sure to have questions about how to taste wine. Questions like: “How many wines are included?” “Will I get drunk during a wine tasting?” “In what order should you taste wine?” “How do you choose what to wear when wine tasting!?”…

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The 21 Best Wineries in Sonoma County

Sonoma County, California is home to some of the best wine in the world, and it’s also home to more than 425 wineries. It doesn’t matter if you’re lucky enough to be living here, or if you’re visiting on vacation. You probably want to know which of these are the best wineries in Sonoma County!…

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What is Wine Country?

When a self-defined “wine lover” decides to visit “Wine Country,” the usual first thought of others is, “Oh, you’re going to Napa Valley.” And it certainly is true that most of the country thinks of that small valley northeast of San Francisco as the No. 1 Wine Country region in the United States, but there…

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