The Difference Between a Wine Club Membership and Wine Subscription

Single Vineyard Dry White Zinfandel at Halleck Vineyard

You’ve probably heard of wine clubs and wine subscriptions by now, but did you know that the word “wine club subscription” is actually a little misleading? That’s because a wine subscription and a wine club membership are actually two different experiences.
Wait, what?
It’s true! There are different perks and benefits when you join a wine club vs a wine subscription. …

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5 Tips for Planning a Great Virtual Wine Tasting with Friends and Family 

Zoom isn’t just for business meetings and online classes – did you know you can even enjoy a wine tasting over this handy little app? That’s right, you can enjoy delicious wines from the comfort of your home with a virtual wine tasting. 

A virtual wine tasting is a fantastic gift for a business partner or friend,…

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