Seth Lambert

Seth Lambert

Seth is a professional writer, connoisseur, traveler and wine enthusiast. In his journeys around Germany and Switzerland, he acquired a nose for a good Riesling, as well as a sense for an underappreciated Gewürztraminer. His latest interests are small-batch Kräuterlikörs and absinthe.

Cherry Pie, O. Cyrot Bourgogne and Halleck Vineyard Hillside Cuvee Pinot Noirs

Cherry Pie Pinot Noir vs Bourgogne vs Halleck Vineyard (Wine Review)

By Seth Lambert

In this review, we’re in Sonoma wine tasting and comparing a blended California Pinot Noir, a French Burgundy and our own Hillside Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

Table of contentsCherry Pie Cherry Tart Pinot Noir Wine Tasting NotesO. Cyrot Bourgogne Pinot Noir Wine Tasting NotesHalleck Vineyard Hillside Cuvee Pinot Noir Wine Tasting NotesWine Reviews [Video]Pinot Heros Wrap Up

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Hahn vs Prophecy vs Castle Rock Pinot Noir (Wine Review)

By Seth Lambert

Once again, we’re in Sonoma wine tasting and reviewing four Pinot Noir wines here that are of interest to wine connoisseurs,including the Castle Rock Pinot Noir. As in previous reviews, we used Google to seek out popular Pinot Noirs to compare with a Pinot from Halleck Vineyard.

Along with other results, Google returned these Pinots from the first three vineyards. And we added our own Three Sons Cuvee to the list and reviewed them all. …

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Four Graces, Goldeneye, Halleck and Cloudline Pinot Noir Reviews

Four Graces vs Goldeneye vs Cloudline Pinot Noir (Wine Reviews)

By Seth Lambert

In this article, we’re in Sonoma wine tasting and discussing four North American wines which are Goldeneye Four Graces, Halleck and Cloudline Pinot Noir reviews. As in our previous reviews, we used Google to find these wines. And this time, we compare them with the Sonoma Mountain Pinot we make from Haas Vineyard grapes.

When you search “Pinot Noir,” out of all the search results, Google ranks these brands at:

Cloudline (#22)

Four (#25)

Goldeneye (#26)

Wine Reviews [Video]

If you want to learn about other popular Pinots,…

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Popular Pinot Noirs from Bread & Butter, Flowers, Josh Cellars, and Halleck Vineyard

Popular Pinot Noir: Bread and Butter vs. Flowers vs. Josh Cellars (Wine Review)

By Seth Lambert

Bread and Butter is the seventh most popular Pinot Noir brand on Google. Search Pinot Noir and see for yourself. That means Google thinks Bread and Butter is the seventh most popular Pinot Noir in the US. Flowers ranks eighth, and Josh Cellars ranks ninth.

In this post, we’re in Sebastopol wine tasting and comparing these popular Pinot Noir wines to our Sonoma Mountain Pinot Noir.In our last wine review,…

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Popular Pinot Noirs: Mark West vs Eloan vs Erath

Popular Pinot Noir: Mark West vs Elouan vs Erath (Wine Review)

By Seth Lambert

We’re in at our estate in Sonoma wine tasting and talking about popular Pinot Noir brands in the US. If you search “Pinot Noir” you’ll probably find that Mark West ranks around fourth on Google.

Not all results from different parts of the world are the same, but fourth is their average ranking. This means that Google thinks Mark West Pinot Noir is the fourth best Pinot Noir brand in the US. But are they correct?…

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